ELK Studios – Game Provider Overview

Name: ELK Studios
Year Founded: 2013
Number of Games: 60+
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: www.elkstudios.com

Introduction to ELK Studios

ELK Studios is a Swedish games developer that has been providing games and casino experiences for the web since 2013. During that time, the provider has continued to design and craft unique games, expand its core team of experts, and gain international interest. Offering a small yet impressive catalog of slot games, ELK Studios remains a common sight across many medium to large casinos.

History of ELK Studios

Officially setting up for the first time in 2013, ELK Studios would launch its first slot title, The Lab, a year later in October 2014. Leading with further titles such as Electric Sam and Champion’s Goal, ELK Studios would eventually need to move premises and HQ as growth ramped up. The studio revamped its website in 2017, and following this time, the team would continue to showcase their work and efforts at industry galas in London.

Regular exhibitors at ICE London, ELK Studios were also recognized as one of Deloitte’s Fast50 Sweden, continuing to scale up hugely as the years rolled on. ELK Studios’ catalog growth is impressive – launching multiple unique titles a year from the heart of Sweden and establishing brands such as Wild Toro.

ELK Studios has committed to designing games with genuine care. The provider’s slots offer amazing visuals, though the team has strived to improve its mathematics model over the years, too. Its games have also become more high-concept over the years, with each of the titles offering strong characters and stories along the way. The studio has also developed its multi-mode slot game platform, X-Iter, that allows players to customize their games in exciting new ways before they even place a bet.

ELK Studios Top Games

ELK Studios slots are well-known for offering lots of character and cheeky charm. Among these popular titles are Wild Toro II, the sequel to the studio’s original hit game from 2016. Wild Toro II provides 5×5 gameplay with the opportunity for expanding reels, progressive multiplier action and respins. The title is one of several games in the ELK catalog benefiting from their X-Iter technology, allowing players to choose different styles of play.

Pacific Gold is another popular ELK Studios title with a slightly different edge. This action-mystery slot centers around a missing plane and a strange distress call. It’s a 6×4 slot game that, again, benefits from X-Iter technology and a variety of creative features.

ELK Studios Summary

ELK Studios slots are increasingly popular with casual and experienced players alike, mainly thanks to its eye-catching visuals and innovative multi-choice modes of play. The company is also proud of its roots and its journey thus far, with multiple new titles popping up from the developer over any given year. What does the future hold for ELK? We will have to wait and see – but it’s set to be an exciting path ahead.


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