Key Factors to Consider When Betting on Kabaddi

What about this game? It is a dynamic sport which needs a shrewd betting approach. By understanding the key factors that influence kabaddi matches, bettors on Lotus365, India’s best betting platform, could improve their odds. This blog post discusses what you need to know before placing a bet.

Crucial Factors in Kabaddi Betting

Team Composition and Balance:

Offensive and Defensive Balance: Ideally, teams should be constituted by well balanced squads with good raiders and reliable defenders who consistently score points for the team. Study the make-up of teams to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

For instance: Teams like Patna Pirates have absolute dominance due to their strong raiding unit led by players such as Pardeep Narwal.

Player Form and Fitness:

Current Form: The form of key players such as raiders and defenders goes a long way in defining how a match will turn out. Keep an eye on recent performances to understand player form.

Injury Reports: Injuries are detrimental to any team’s performance. Get information on injury status of players.

For example: If they were injured Bengal Warriors’ offensive capabilities would be significantly weakened because Maninder Singh is one of the star raiders.

Home and Away Performance:

Home Advantage: Familiar conditions and fan support often enable teams to perform better at home grounds. Analyse home records for potential bet opportunities.

Exemplified by: Jaipur Pink Panthers usually play well at home making it wise for them to bet when playing in Jaipur.

Head-to-Head Records:

Historical Matchups: Past encounters between teams may shed light on what might happen next time they meet. Some teams are always better than others against particular rivals.

Suppose U Mumba has been winning many matches against Tamil Thalaivas then you may consider this while placing your bets hence affecting your decision making process during betting exercise


Tactical Approaches:

Coaching Strategies: Coaching techniques have a great impact on the outcome of a match. Teams, which are led by experienced and strategic coaches, are expected to be more adaptable.

It is therefore good for example: Teams that have been coached by experts such as Rakesh Kumar might get the advantage because they are strategically aware.

Live Match Dynamics:

In-Play Analysis: Observing the dynamics of a match in real-time can provide valuable insights. Live betting enables you to change your bets depending on how the game is going.

Take this instance: A team that starts well and does well during first half may take off with ease maintaining their lead presenting a good live bet opportunity.

Advanced Factors

Statistical Metrics:

Raid and Tackle Points: Study detailed statistics like average raid points and tackle points per match. This will help you determine with high odds, those teams that score more points consistently thanks to stronger offences or defences respectively.

Turnover Ratios: Higher successful raid and tackle ratios indicate a strong team. Consider turnover ratios (successful raids and tackles vs. unsuccessful ones).

For example, if Patna Pirates has an average raid point of 10 it is highly likely that they will dominate both matches and score heavily against opponents.

Weather and Venue Conditions:

Indoor vs. Outdoor Venues: Although most professional kabaddi games are played indoors venue conditions still play some role in influencing play patterns. It is better to play in places where you have practiced before.

For instance; teams used to playing in bigger indoor stadiums may do well since they have had experience in such conditions before.

Player Substitutions and Depth:

Bench Strength: Strong bench strength helps teams make effective substitutions so as not to compromise their performance levels during matches.

If for example Bengaluru Bulls rotate players quite frequently so that fatigue does not set-in fast then they can easily maintain high energy throughout the game from start till the end.


Before you bet on kabaddi there are several things to consider that include team makeup, player fitness, home and away records, past meetings between them and game tactics. By considering these important factors, one can always make more informed betting decisions which will ultimately improve their chances of winning. For a full and user-friendly sports betting experience, Visit the Lotus365 today.



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